Friday, November 14, 2008

Get Involved

I'm a little frustrated, to say the least. I am a lone soldier, and yet there are many residents within the village that get upset when they believe an inappropriate house is approved in their neighborhood. They form groups, such as the people in the Rosko Drive community and the people in the Toylsome Lane, or Post Crossing areas, and they come together and voice their outrage and try to make change...........but only when it effects their streets. What about the Village as a whole? Isn't this a broader issue? The character of the whole village depends on the preservation of the character of each street and each neighborhood. I applaud these groups and their efforts, but they, and all owners - whether second home owners or year-rounders - are needed to help form and monitor the ARB's decisions. Resident participation seems at an all time low and it needs to change to an all time high. That doesn't mean people need to make themselves present at each ARB public hearing every other Monday night as we all know that would be too inconvenient for most people. But thankfully, the ARB agendas are posted on the Village's website (, click on "Latest Agenda"). I am going to be checking the agenda regularly, looking at drawings, and posting about applications that I think residents need to voice concern over. Consider me your eyes and ears, but I urge you to also participate. I cannot do this alone. You don't need to come to meetings (although that is usually more effective), instead you can simply fax a letter voicing your concerns but make sure your letters state clearly and largely, at the top of the page, "Please Read This Letter Into the Minutes," because otherwise it could get completely ignored.

Address your letters to:
The Board of Historic Preservation and Architectural Review
c/o Village of Southampton, Building Department
71 Hill Street
Southampton, NY. 11968
fax: 631.283.0649

If the character of one or two streets stay great, but the character of the rest of the village is slowly but consistently diminished, that effects us all. Please, please, please help me by following upcoming decisions by the ARB.

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