Monday, December 29, 2008

Calvin's New House

Here is the lovely (albeit black and white) rendering of the proposed house for Calvin Klein. I love it, love it, love it. I decided to take advantage of the Freedom of Information act (as I have recently learned a bit more about privacy laws) and show it to you all rather than to wait for the architect to get back to me.
The location for this house is just west of Halsey Neck Lane, on the beach. It is intended to replace the castle-like house that exists there now, which is no real loss in my opinion. The new design is classic and modern and clean and totally akin to Calvin Klein's style. It will blend in beautifully within its dune context and be a gem in our midst for a long while.
Update: The architect is Michael Haverland (


  1. Nice. Who is the architect?

  2. anyone familiar w/plans for 152 S main st, very historic, up for ARB review tomorrow (Monday). I won't be here but an wondering....