Saturday, February 14, 2009

138 Moses Lane

Here are the before and after photos of a Village House that definitely has a contemporary flair while also being grounded and comfortable in a traditional context. If I remember correctly, this house sat for awhile for sale. It was this little one story cottage with a front porch (not in the photo) on this awkward peninsula type lot…………….but along came someone with quite a vision and simply yet significantly transformed the house inside and out into a thoughtful architectural contribution to the neighborhood, and all the while renovating the existing house rather than tearing it down! The front porch and the roof were removed and a new roof with dormer added, along with all new siding, windows, etc. They didn’t have to rely on silly colors (like Pam Glazer at 70 Moses Lane) to provide stylistic and visual interest. Instead they brought back a very traditional detail of a precursor to shingle style architecture not seen too often but completely appropriate, in the way the roof bends at its edges, like an English thatched roof. I remember seeing the interior when it was finished and the entire left side of the house is an open cathedral space, from the finished basement to the roof, and the bedrooms and other secondary spaces fill the right side of the house. So they went down instead of up, to create additional needed square footage. What a success story.

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