Monday, August 3, 2009

Public Comment from Village Officials

I believe a consequence of being an elected or appointed Village official should be that unless they are an adjacent neighbor to an application and therefore directly affected by a construction or renovation project, they should not be able to voice an opinion about an application in front of any of the review boards (architectural, planning, zoning, etc.). They should be required to remain neutral. John Bennett once tried to argue that because I live on Moses Lane, my opinion about the aesthetic of a house on Elm Street was not relevant. I, of course, completely disagree and think that any village resident should be able to voice an opinion about any goings-on in the village, aesthetic or otherwise. But if that resident also happens to be an elected/appointed official, that person represents others in their job and with their vote and can therefore wrongfully influence their constituency’s opinions on all matters. A couple of times in the recent past, a village official has made public comments at an ARB meeting. Once seemed inappropriate to me, and the other appropriate, which is what led me to blog about it.