Friday, September 25, 2009


Two recent minor subdivisions have caught my attention. Some say these have been occurring consistently over the years, maybe even more and more so lately, but I’m sorry to say I haven’t noticed. The two that caught my attention are both Trustee Robinson’s properties. I don’t mean to single him out, but the reason they gave me pause is because they are both on corners. It seems to me that corner properties have always been larger than lots in the middle of the block. I don’t know why, but it seemed logical and just something familiar and accepted…….the way it’s always been. I’m obviously not a planner and not studied on the subject; my thing has always been aesthetics – that’s my training. But as I comment on the appropriateness of new houses and renovation/restoration projects in the village I can’t help but imagine that these subdivisions effect the aesthetic character of the village also, first by the increased density, and then because current codes allow for bigger structures, which effects the scale and volume of the area. Yes, I wonder about traffic issues close to intersections, and about how it is that more and more septic systems can be introduced in the village when a municipal system seems out of the question…………….but, as those are “above my pay scale,” I return to aesthetics. Above is a Google Earth image of the intersection of Post Crossing and Elm Street: you have the larger, more squarish, corner lots, and then the narrow lots inbetween. As I explored the village further via Google Earth it seemed to me many of these corner lots have already been subdivided, maybe half. The precedent has been set. but if the values of the Village have since changed, it could very well be a possiblitly that the powers that be could say, "Enough." On Monday Sept. 28th there is a planning board work session where these and other subdivisions will be discussed at 5pm in the meeting room at the Police Station. If these subdivisions irk you, go have a say.