Friday, November 13, 2009

Updated: My Opinion: 75 South Main Street

After all of the great discussion during the public review of this application Monday night, it occurred to me that I hadn’t conveyed my opinion about the particular issue of color. I believe that an integral part of this house’s architectural character is the fact that it is painted. However, the discussions Monday night only mentioned the new owner’s desire for stained grey siding, versus maintaining the current color scheme. I believe there is an appropriate compromise that would respect the architectural integrity of the house, the Village’s ONLY surviving example of the Stick Style, while satisfying the new owner’s desire for a lighter color. That is to leave the original siding material (which is in great condition) in-tact and strip and re-paint the house (and discovering and documenting the original paint colors in the process) with a more neutral scheme, a scheme that includes beiges and taupes and greys and yes, white. There have to be at least four colors on the house, and that needs to stay the case in order to let all of the extraordinary detail shine. Would I rather the house stay the current colors? Yes because I believe them to be most closely aligned with whatever the original colors were. But there’s a house on the northwest corner of Moses Lane and Hill Street that has a lot of Victorian detailing that was once painted maroon and dark green and is now white and beige, and it looks great, and its detailing still shines! (The photo is taken in the morning when the house is awash with wonderful sunlight. It's hard to see, but the siding is a light beige, the trim is white, and the shutters are a dark green.) There’s a BIG aesthetic difference between a painted house, and a stained house. Here, I’ll be crossing my fingers for paint.

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