Monday, November 30, 2009

One Squabble Lane

On November 9th, an exciting modern house design was approved for this beach location, at the southeastern foot of Wickapogue Pond. Not to be confused with Howard Stern’s house nearby (and off of the other Squabble Lane in the village), this house will be a lovely improvement over the dilapidated circa 70’s existing house that presently sits near the dunes. While I will always be curious about the pirate flag that waves over the driveway, I can’t wait to watch the realization of this house to see if it will truly integrate interior with exterior and seemingly become one with the dune. The proposed design conjures up images in my mind of Peter Eisenman (from his Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio) and Zaha Hadid (the Ordrupgaard Museum extension and the BMW Plant Central Building, but more rectilinear), as well as some of the houses of sagaponack ( On paper, the house’s style doesn’t appear to be quite as timeless a design as Michael Haverland’s for Calvin Klein, and I sometimes wonder how houses on the ocean with such expanses of windows and railings avoid the glass becoming frosted by the relentless pelting of sand but I’m probably being infuriatingly practical. The architect presented some lovely three-dimensional renderings but I’m not sure I technically have the permission to show you those, so I rendered the rear elevation myself. The left volume is the garage below with the pool house and gym functions above, while the right side volume is the main house. The angled piece is a ramp leading to a roof terrace. The architect is a New York City firm named 1100 Architects, P.C. (

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