Monday, February 8, 2010

4. Did you know.......

I had been hearing unofficial rumblings about the 'Hildreth House' sale not going through. You know, the painted house at 75 South Main Street that James and Whitney Fairchild were in the process of buying, but only if they got ARB approval to remove all the paint, stain the shingles grey, and paint all the trim white? Well they did get approval, much to the dismay of many local architects and residents........and then they walked away from buying the house! I was told officially today by a friend of the Berglunds. So it's great, right? The old painted lady will remain painted. But it's not great because the damage has been done. Permission has been given to deface this house and precedent has been set that arguements regarding color will not be entertained. I pray the future owners of this house are MUCH more respectful of this architectural gem in which many of us would feel fortunate to live.

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