Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An "Historic Places" App!

For all you app[lication] fanatics, Sabra Smith, author of the blog, "My Own Time Machine," recently discovered an application that allows the user to quickly discover 'must-see' historical places wherever they may be at any given time: Pretty cool. What she is hoping to one day find is an application that allows the user to be staring at a building in the present, but download the view of that building from a previous year, say 100 years ago? But so far, that has yet to exist (and wouldn't that be an INCREDIBLE undertaking?).
I have yet to ever download an 'app' but that's besides the point. I am very happy with my 'app-less' blackberry, but find my husband enraptured with all the latest and greatest 'apps.' Knock yourselves out! And if Ms. Smith's dream 'app' ever becomes a reality, that one I'll download for sure!

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