Monday, March 15, 2010

339 South Main Street

Here is another example of a contemporary style house that is harmonious within its context. This house is on the very southern end (not quite the southwest corner) of South Main Street, a street chuck full of wonderful historic architecture. This house was approved by the ARB (3 to 1), after a seven month review process full of neighbor and board concerns that it was inappropriate for South Main Street, in July of 1992. The architect was Peter Gluck ( of Gluck Partners which is still a prominent firm today, located in Manhattan. There is an orchard of flowering trees in the front yard, and the glazed center section of the house is supposed to act as a sort of gateway and window out through to Lake Agawam. The building materials were left to weather naturally, and the stucco and lead-coated copper sections are of natural colors so as not to be jarring or aggressive. The contemporary detailing is in the simple yet non-generic forms and the fenestration in the gable ends. The owner that commissioned the house, and who is still the owner, is Charles Stevenson (, a prominent member of Southampton and brother to Roy Stevenson, of the fabulous Stevenson’s toy shop on Jobs Lane. I am told he may actually live in the historic house to the north and use this house for more leisurely related functions (gym, etc.).

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