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Captain Howell's House, a.k.a. 30 Wall Street

This private condominium building is on Wall Street, the first alley off the east side of Main Street, north of Meetinghouse Lane. It has an amazing history! You wouldn’t believe how old it is judging by its appearance because it’s in such great shape! The photo above shows the front of the building; the front used to face west, and the building was located directly to its west, on Main Street (#30 there also); it was moved sometime between 1909 and 1916.

In 1688 Lt. Richard Post lived here. Richard Post was one of our Village’s original settlers from Lynn, Massachusetts. Richard married Dorothy and they had four children: John, Thomas, Joseph, and Martha. Martha married Benjamin Foster.

Years later, Captain Charles Howell, a descendant of Edward Howell who was also one of the original settlers of our Village, purchased the house and substantially renovated it circa 1905. He married Mary Rogers (b. 1806-1867) in 1831 and their eldest son, George Rogers Howell (b. 1833), was a State Archivist for New York.

When the Methodists bought the church previously owned by the Presbyterian church built in 1707 and directly opposite their present edifice, Captain Howell sold them the south side of his property and they promptly moved their new old church to that location. It still stands there today although no longer recognized as a church. Its steeple and gable have been removed and it is now a one-story commercial building.

Henry H. Post, a descendant of Richard Post, bought the building in 1914. The building was moved back from Main Street to its present location sometime between 1909 and 1916, so whether it was done by Capt. Howell or Henry H. Post is anyone’s guess.

In the place of the original building’s location the “Arcade” building was built. For the next fifty-two years #30 Wall Street would be owned by the Schwenk family. The subsequent property owners are listed below.

The Southampton Historic Museum has a great old photo of this building when it was located on Main Street, and probably more information on the Schwenk family and the Arcade building.

Property Owners (partial list):

Malcolm Bauer, circa 1980-present

Mary S. Smith 5/24/1979 Liber 8630 of deeds, page 258

Edgar & Arlene Marvin 5/24/1979 Liber 7453 of deeds, page 161

Henry Schwenk Inc. 4/1/1940 Liber 2093 of deeds, page 64

Henry & Florence E. Schwenk 1/19/1927 Liber 1248 of deeds, page 152

Henry H. & Letitia A. Post 5/2/1914 Liber 873 of deeds, page 74

Capt. Charles Howell (will) 1/2/1890 Liber 326 of deeds, page 371

Richard Post 4/17/1688


1873 Capt. C. Howell, “Howell House,” Main Street (F. W. Beers)

1894 H. H. Post (F. W. Beers)

1895 Lodge Rooms, Main Street (Sanborn)

1902 H. Post (E. Belcher and Hyde)

1902 Shops and Lodging Rooms, Main Street (Sanborn)

1909 Shops and Lodging Rooms, Main Street (Sanborn)

1916 Shops, Wall Street (Sanborn)

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