Monday, April 5, 2010

19 Maple Street

I just adore this house (even though it’s not one of my top two favorites). This house is adjacent to Our Lady of Poland Roman Catholic Church (circa 1910) which was beautifully renovated last year. The house appears to have been built circa 1900 by the Jennings family and predates the church. John Jennings was among Southampton’s earliest settlers.

I love the scale of this house. I love the combination of painted clapboard siding on the front and natural cedar shingles on the side which was an old way of putting the expensive materials on the front or face of a building and the less expensive materials on the sides, but which also gives the house a nice variety of material and texture and keeps it from being too homogenous. It is so much more rich in character than the current status quo of cedar shingles cedar roof (if we’re lucky) and white trim. I love the parged chimneys (and their color) as an inexpensive yet attractive masonry esthetic and consider them a contemporary touch that is harmonious with the rest of the house’s traditional character. I love the sensitive additions on the side and rear that are a classic and simple way to expand the living areas of the house without competing with its main volume and still making the passerby wonder whether they weren’t a part of the house from its beginning. And I love that there is nothing plastic looking about the house whatsoever which has become a terrible current commonality.


  1. and the really sad thing is this is just the kind of house they are ripping down to build ones like that in the next post only bigger and uglier. not only are current architects evidently incapable of replicating the scale of older architecture when trying to copy it but they are also inept when it comes to landscaping creating a double barreled monster.
    i hope that you and zach are able to come to terms to stop this current wanton destruction of historic structures to put up mcmansions. you both sound like you have good intentions and the smarts so work together - strength in numbers, etc.

  2. since i can't find a "contact me" spot on your site, i'll use this. i've been following zach's blog for over a year now as i am a huge fan of big old victorian and gilded age houses. i just found your site tonight and i love it. i like the list of demolished and permit to be demo as it is easier to see the trends. you should add "downeast dilletante" to your blog list. a very smart guy when it comes to this period of architecture. check out his blog - i think you'll appreciate it. keep up the good fight and try to work with zach as i think his hearts in the right place.