Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Sugarman Estate, 170 Meadow Lane

This is one of my top two all time favorite houses in the Village of Southampton ……… thus far (see real life photos below). Some of you may be incredulous, but my respect for great modern design is equal to my passion for preservation and historic architecture. I still have yet to find a modern interior I find comfortable enough to live in and this is no exception.

This is the home of Jay Sugarman and Kelly Behun. It was designed by Sawyer Berson and the engineer was Robert Silman Associates. Ms. Behun is a hotel design consultant; Mr. Sugarman is a real estate investment firm executive. I found the rendering above on Sawyer Berson’s website. This is the beach view. Isn’t the grassy lawn funny? The rendering is cute though, in the way it shows the airiness and transparency of the home. I prefer the photo below however. This is the true way the home is perceived from all who traipse their way to Cooper’s Beach in the summer. It’s never viewed from the same elevation but is up high as if it’s not already on a theoretical pedestal complete with halo.

The house’s walls are white plaster and French limestone. The rest is glass, including the railings, and interior woodwork. There was an open house shortly after it was completed which I almost got to go to…...almost, with someone who had received an invitation but actually chose not to go?!?!?!?! Many may recall the seemingly lengthy construction and the steel structure that loomed over Meadow Lane, but it sure is a beauty now. Below is the front view, which is impossible to photograph because of its proximity to the street, but you can see it looks a little more like a computer rendering in the way the driveway and landscaping is sculpted. The house is next to (west side) a surviving Norman Jaffe house.


  1. Can't wait for a Cat-5 hurricane that washes it out to sea....

    1. Anonymous28 June, 2014

      One's assistants has assistants to deal with such trifles. ;)

  2. Actually have been there, the views are quite amazing as you can imagine but I found it to be cold and austere.

  3. Anonymous16 June, 2014

    It is one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen- magnificent.