Thursday, July 15, 2010

Demolition Penalties - Update

I had my meeting today with the Chairpersons of the Village. Those in attendance were John Foster (Chief Village Building Inspector), Bonnie Canon, (Village Trustee) who chaired the meeting, Paul Robinson (Village Trustee), Beau Robinson (council to the ARB, and present in the place of their Chairperson, Curtis Highsmith), Pat Corrigan (Chair of the Planning Board), Siamak Samii (Chair of the Planning Commission), Rick DePetris (council to the Trustees), and me.

So how did it go? Who knows? It was a pleasant meeting and the discussion regarding the amendment of the penalties section of the Village Code was a good one. I was told that discussions had been occurring outside of public hearings and that it had been learned that the Village can have penalties much larger than the existing $1000. I then presented five pages of information I had gathered as well as some other ideas. Basically, with the help of a friend, I scoured codes accessible online across the country and even abroad and shared those that were the most strict with this group. I also suggested that the definitions of “demolition, renovation, restoration, contributing, and historic” could be an integral part of this process. Other members brainstormed with me and had other interesting ideas. It seemed everyone there was on the same page more or less and truly interested in making these amendments as soon as possible although I was reminded that “it takes time” and that the ultimate amendments to be implemented probably wouldn’t satisfy everyone (namely me – no one said that, I was just thinking it).

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? I remain hopeful yet grounded and remain thankful that I am participating in the discussions. Stay Tuned!

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  1. Thank you so much for accumulating all this information in one place. it is an invaluable service to the village.
    I wish I had a lot that would fit that little Henry Street house. Why not onto a bit of town owned land. It could then be sold as affordable housing,