Thursday, August 12, 2010

192 Halsey Street

As I continuously try to show sensitive examples of contemporary styles here in the Village of Southampton, I just had to show you all this house. It recently underwent a minor yet significant transformation. It’s on Halsey Street, north of Hill Street, not in the Estate district. It was and still is a ranch, or all-one-story, house. But the new owner wanted to do some updating. She is a garden lover and clipped-out images of houses which incorporated contemporary trellis like features onto them and presented those clippings to her architect, Eric Woodward ( He then, being a talented, local and competent architect, translated her designs into reality. The house’s renovations are now complete, except for the weathering of the wood which only Mother Nature can complete authentically. The result is a lovely brise soleil type attachment on the front of the house which will presumably have vines crawling all over it in the near future. The front faces west, which is intensely illuminated with sunlight from about 3’o’clock to 7ish these days, so this trellis feature will soften that light, and the house’s heat gain also, without having to close the curtains. It will also act to screen one’s view into what is likely the living room, providing privacy. Finally, the house is not drastically different than it was before. But with minor tweaks (and minimal expense) it has taken on a contemporary style within an historic context where the houses are relatively close together and the character of the street has been unharmed. A welcome change.

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  1. Thanks for posting. Something akin to this remodel is just what our ranch home in Seattle needs too!