Thursday, August 26, 2010

"The Knapps Lived Here," by Ken Spooner

There’s a new book out which thoroughly documents the history of one of our beloved village estates at 275 Ox Pasture Road. “Erroneously known as “Tenacre,” Mrs. Elizabeth Knapp, whom this home was built for, originally rented a Southampton home known as “Tenacre” from about 1910-1918. She actually called this home “Cherry Creek Farm.” She died here in June of 1922 shortly after it was built and the “Tenacre” name associated with her stuck to this house like its shingles.” Ken Spooner

This house was designed in 1920 by architect John Russell Pope. It is currently being more or less copied by architect John David Rose on Meadowmere Lane for Gary Garrabrant. It is currently owned by Sophocles Zoullas, a shipping guru, whose brother Alexis P. Zoullas is listed as the owner of 90 Leo’s Lane, in the Rosko Place neighborhood, where a new house is being proposed to be built by Greg Konner of Konner Development.
The previous owner of 275 Ox Pasture was John Paulson (

The original “Tenacre” was on Great Plains Road and owned by Mrs. Charles G. Weir. Like me, you’ll have to buy the book to learn more!

Elizabeth Knapp, c. 1910, below. What a beauty!

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