Thursday, September 23, 2010

Section 65-4

I went to the Trustees worksession on Tuesday evening to speak about the need for Section 65-4 of the Village Codes to be amended to remove the part requiring properties to be visible from a public right of way, etc. in order to fall under the jurisdiction of the ARB before being demolished. I learned that, after my presentation at the last ARB public hearing, Beau Robinson, council to the ARB, brought-up the issue at the latest Chairpersons meeting which occurred last week. Apparrently, the Village Trustees thought that they had implemented blanket protection of all buildings when they instituted the requirement that anything built prior to 1926 be evaluated by Zach Studenroth prior to being demolished. They simply weren't aware of the "loophole." With extreme pleasure the trustees expressed their sincere interest in amending this section of the village code and have asked Beau to do so! WAHOO!!! Progress!

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