Monday, October 25, 2010

Before & After #2: 43 Osborne Ave.

The two photos above show the original house built at 43 Osborne Avenue, and the new house currently being built in its place designed by Lisa Zaloga for Robert & Christine Henry. There is one neighborhood resident that absolutely loves this new house, but many others who don’t. Not because they think the house isn’t nice looking, but rather out of scale with the rest of the street. This house is easily twice the size of the rest of the houses on Osborne Avenue. Not exactly appropriate or harmonious within its context. Oh how I wish they would have renovated and added onto the previous house. There are even some nearby residents who remember the owner of the house, that he built it himself, and that he was a talented woodcarver. Apparently he had designed and built many of the cabinets, bookshelves, and mantels in the house also.

Below are a few other houses on Osborne Avenue, just to show you the general character of the street. It’s a lovely street with great neighbors that actually talk to one another, stop over for coffee, and borrow cups of sugar. Only now there’s a giant elephant in the………area.

UPDATE 1/3/11:
I received a lovely email from the grand daughter of John Sanders. Apparrently the house was not built by John Sanders, but by the Osbornes after which the street was named. When John Sanders purchased the house over 70 years ago, it need a lot of work that he did himself. He closed in the front porch and he built the garage in the back. The reason that he bought the house was because he was from England and the name of the Queen's summer house was called "The Osborne House." As a side note, when his wife saw the house, it need so much work that she sat down and cried. But as he began to fix it up, she began to see what he saw in it.


  1. oh my: all of the "blender" details and telescopic portals.
    Window-to-wall ratios should not be a difficult thing to digest, huh?
    Energy prices apparently haven't offset the desire for more square feet.
    Thank you Sally for a job well done.
    Sarah Kearns

  2. Thanks Sarah! Your accolades mean a lot to me!

  3. I would contrast this house with the new one going up on Pulaski Street. My, how that street is changing! I drove by the house under construction the other day, and while it jumps at you because its elevation is higher than the surrounding simple ranch homes, it is a house of modest character, proportional and not ostentatious. I like it - just hope the rest of the street catches up to it. It sets a high bar for the quadrant north of Hampton Road and east of Main Street.

  4. I am the owner of this beatiful house and can send you pictures of the cabinets, bookshelves, and mantels in the house!! No one would have them! The cabinets were from Home Depot! Please before you write about these old homes.. maybe you should reach out to us the owners for there comments.. plus everyone we have spoken to loves the house..

  5. You are right about the cabinets and mantels, etc. The relatives of the previous owners told me that and I've meant to revise the blog since then but just haven't taken the time to do so.

    Your house is lovely, and good for you that your neighbors think so too. But this blog expresses my opinion, which is that your house has ruined the character of the street by being so large.

  6. Anonymous01 July, 2011

    The new home at 43 Osborne Ave. Southampton New York is truly a beautiful home. I can understand why some have less the nice things to say. But as the grand daughter of John Sanders I do have to say our home had it's time. The Sanders family has the memories of our home, and now it is time for the New family to make it's memories. Personally after a life time of our family sharing our lives there it is kind of nice to know that they will always be our family memories in that home. I just hope that the memories the new family makes in there home are as wonderful as the once I have of my family and my grandfather. Again it is a beautiful home I wish you all the love happiness and joy that 70 years has given the Sanders Family.