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"Jagger House," 310 North Main Street

The area north of the railroad tracks on North Main Street, historically referred to as “Jaggertown,” has many lovely homes that still exist with great history behind them. One of them is 310 North Main Street (pictured above).

Built circa 1870 for William Jagger and sometimes referred to as the “Jagger House” (though there were many), this house survives as a simple Stick Style-ish design as it is more restrained than an exemplary version such as 75 South Main Street. Even so, it has lovely Stick Style embellishments, such as the jerkin headed windows, the scallop edging to the vertical clapboard siding on the second story, the entry and first story window canopies, and the stick-work in the gable end. To top it off, the accessory structure in the rear is an adorable miniature version of the main house (not pictured).

“There was a great tribe of Jaggers who lived in Southampton, L. I. The first one was John Jagger, who settled there about 1641, and said to perhaps be a brother of the first Jeremiah Jagger of Stamford, Conn. (Authority: "Gen. Diet. of the First Settlers of New England," by Jas. Savage, Vol. 2, p 534.)” Long Island

William Jagger (1823-1910) was a farmer that earned a respectable living, owned a large property on the east side of North Main Street and had many houses built there (like A Butler’s Manor to the south). He was married to Abigail Matilda Fanning (1834-1921) and they had five children, three boys and two girls. Both of them were native to Southampton, as were many generations of their ancestors. William Jagger’s ancestor, John, was one of our town’s original settlers in 1640.

Other Jaggers that lived in this area circa 1902, giving the neighborhood its nickname, were Henry C., Walter L., Sophie, Mrs. Agnes Harlow, J. M., and Charles Jagger.

Property Owners (incomplete):
Diane R. Eckel, Liber 8827 of deeds, page 461, 5/27/1980
Francis Fuller, per 1979 Inventory
Frederick Myron & Ethel L. Fuller, Liber 2917 of deeds, page 311, 1/27/1949
Arthur W. Tunnell, Liber 2909 of deeds, page 12, 12/29/1948
Flora Jagger, Liber 764 of deeds, page 61, 3/18/1911 (two thirds of property)
Archie L. Jagger, Liber 760 of deeds, page 359, 3/21/1911 (one third of property)
Agnes Harlow Jagger, per the E. Belcher Hyde 1902 map
Frederick Howell, Liber 260 of deeds, page 206, 12/17/1881
Mrs. Nettie L. Bishop, Liber 239 of deeds, page 25, 2/15/1879 (daughter)
William & Abigail M. Jagger

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