Monday, November 8, 2010

Before & After #3: 106 Meetinghouse Lane

Here is another before and after for you. This new multi-family house replaced a circa 1840s house that was associated with the Southampton Mackie family. The new house was designed by Eileen Bennett, a local architect. A few houses away is the still surviving and original house at #90 (see below). It makes me wonder if Ms. Bennett was inspired at all by number 90? I prefer the volume of #90 (which isn’t possible these days due to the Pyramid Law), the more substantial moldings, the chimneys, and the front porch. There is something generic about the new #106, and its volume seems strangely shallow.

How can I spin a negative into a positive here? Well, it is a multi-family unit, and we sure do need more of that in the village.

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