Monday, December 20, 2010

An Altered View

The photo above is the view of the “Tenacre” replica being built at the top of Halsey Neck Pond (on Meadowmere Lane) from the overlook at Cooper’s Beach. Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t this a drastic change of view? Do you think this view was considered when the ARB was reviewing the application? I certainly don’t remember that conversation.

The photo above is from the same point but shows a wider context. On November 22nd there was another new house approved on Meadowmere Place which, due to FEMA regulations, will be raised so that its first floor is somewhere around 2 feet above the flood plain. This will result in the house's ridge being about 42 feet above grade. Yowza. Imagine these photos with another house looming on the left/west side. Poor pond. I thought the preservation of open vistas and views had become much more important these days.

Did you know this pond used to be much larger? Above is a detail from an 1894 map showing you Halsey Neck Pond then, below, a Google Earth image of Halsey Neck Pond now. Where the tip of the pond touches Meadowmere Lane is right where Meadowmere Place now begins, the dead end street off the south side of Meadowmere Lane. Many of our village ponds have become smaller over the years and development has happily replaced what was once wetland. I know map-making isn't an exact science, but do you think this evolution has been solely environmental? I sure hope so.

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