Monday, December 27, 2010

The New Hill Street Building

The photo above is the new 16 Hill Street building taken on December 5th and approved by the ARB in October of 2009. It has since received most of its glazing and is even further along.
So what do you think? Like it? Not so much?

I’m sorry. I really want this blog to be a good thing for this community – an asset - but I can’t help standing on my little soap box once in awhile and complaining. This building does not meet the new criteria established in the new design guidelines which Hamilton Hoge actually suggested the applicant look into (They were not yet drafted, but a conversation with the architect commissioned to produce them would have been appropriate.).

The approved design was for a stucco building that had natural, grey, and burgundy coloring and blue retractable awnings over the entry. At some point (that I don’t recall) that changed to a combination of stucco, brick, and shingles, I assume to try to make each store look even more like its own little building. But it’s unsuccessful, because overall the layout is still obviously deliberate, not to mention symmetrical.

The back (shown below) is also a curious elevation, but more along the lines of what was approved. The little cubes of each retail space line up – with a blank spot in the middle - in their pastel colors and tiny windows and look post-modern in style. Not exactly screaming with Southampton character.
Would we prefer the old Yawney dealership still be there? I don’t know, but I know some people who could have renovated that building to be a very appropriate and very cool re-envisioning for Hill Street much more successful than what has been realized. An opportunity has been lost, but this type of architecture is only temporary…………..I think. Blah.

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  1. i could not agree with you more....what a sad use of village space.