Friday, January 28, 2011

The Aesthetics of Snow

We sure are having a snowy winter thus far and that’s fine with me; it beats just plain greyness. I enjoy the imagery that goes along with the changing of each season, and during winter every fresh snowfall brings beautiful scenic corridors and wonderful white nuances with it. During our last snow day, I took a stroll around my neighborhood photographing beautiful snowy sites and views.

The house at the top is 57 Moses Lane. It's a classic four-square with little nuances making it unique unto itself. I love the porch that wraps two sides and the assymmetrical second story windows, as well as the third story dormer with a pair of little square windows and the fact that its clad with shingles contrasting the clapboard on the rest of the house. It's predominant white & black color scheme make it a perfect photo on a snowy day.

This is a bird house belonging to #375 Moses, in the back yard. I've always admired it, and it has been home to many bird families!

This is a close-up of #57 Moses Lane's porch. The view of the hanging bird feeder amongs the Tuscan style porch columns and snowy branches makes a lovely winter composition.

This is 375 Hill Street from the corner of Moses Lane, nicely framed by the snowy foliage. It used to be burgundy, but is now beige, with white trim and dark green shutters. The accessory buildings in the back are a dark green, with touches of the old burgundy. This home used to be associated with the Post family.

This is a side gate at the 375 Hill Street property. Surrounded by the snow and arborvitae its texture and contrast are visually pleasing.

This is the accessory structure to 405 Hill Street. I'm not sure if it is an old structure formerly associated with the Post family or not. Regardless of its age, I love its plainness and simplicity and yet it isn't generic in the least. Coupled with the snow and grey daylight it too is a beautiful sight.

An exterior light fixture draped with snow at the Guberman property on Harvest Lane. Mounted on the outside trim of a recessed doorway and framed by the painted shingle cladding, the snow, textures, and contrasts make a nice combination.

A window of a Harvest Lane cottage. This property has a beautiful cherry tree, now lined with snow and framing the view of the shutter clad window with quaint clover cut-out.

While this post hasn't been packed with historical information, a trendy review, or news of current happennings, I couldn't help but admire the beauty of the snows creations.........before the salt and plows begin the transformation.


  1. The house listed as 57 Moses lane, is not the house located at 57 Moses lane, but is a couple of doors south of it. Also the birdhouse was actually at 57 Moses Lane.

  2. House listed as 57 Moses lane is not 57 Moses Lane. Bird house pictured was at 57 Moses lane.