Monday, January 17, 2011

Finally!! News About New Demolition Consequences!

At long last I have an update for all of you loyal readers and petition signers regarding new village legislation pertaining to stronger illegal demolition consequences. Bonnie Cannon was nice enough to email me a heads-up that the next Village Trustee meeting’s agenda included discussion about this very subject. (After eight months I admit that I was beginning to feel a little blown-off; Patience is a virtue!) So the Village Trustee meeting occurred last Thursday night and I am delighted to announce that the wait has been worth it! (After all, as I learned, Rick DePetris is inundated with the constant endeavor of amending out-of-date or inarticulate village codes.) Thursday night Rick DePetris announced he was finished drafting a new section of 65, number 611 D, and read it aloud to those attending the meeting. The revised code states that ANYONE and EVERYONE involved with the illegal demolition of an historic structure in our village will be required to pay a fine up to the equivalent to restore and replicate what was demolished. And this would be a civil penalty in addition to a criminal penalty of up to $5,000 and/or 15 days in jail. Terrific news, right?

But here’s the catch. While the Village Board seemed unanimously in favor of this proposed legislation, it has been scheduled for a public hearing at their next meeting on January 25th, at 5pm. So to all of you 80 petition signers, if you are as passionate as I am about enacting this legislation, and about advocating for further needed legislative amendments, (not to mention staying strong as a group of people with a powerful voice) please come to that hearing and voice your support (or submit a letter to the village clerk if you cannot attend). Let’s not risk this opportunity to protect our historic architectural treasures!

And thanks again to all the petition signers. I am often a one-man army. But with your assistance, my voice was much louder, and the results have been more fruitful than I could have accomplished on my own!


  1. Great News! The Village is (hopefully) making progress in preserving our local treasures. Kudos to all-and especially to you, Sally, for speaking up about this issue!

  2. Congrats Sally! An extended stop work order (48 mo?) for the affected property could possibly be more of a deterrent than a fine considering the deep pockets of some local property owners, no?