Monday, February 28, 2011

11. Did You Know...........................

Numbers 78 (above) and 74 (below) Moses Lane used to be joined together to make one house. Someone who used to own #78 told me this once and I am finally getting around to looking into it. They were split sometime between 1916 and 1932 according to various maps. Interesting, huh?

Houses used to get split more often than you’d think. I’ve recently become aware of at least three houses in Bridgehampton that were split. People today really have no idea how infrequent demolitions occurred compared to today, to the point that houses were even divided and moved to become multiple dwellings rather than being torn down. Now, just as buying an apple pie is less expensive than making one, building a house is often thought of as less expensive than renovating. But in the case of architecture, the rehabilitation of an original will often result in a much higher quality and level of detail. “They just don’t make ‘em like they used to.”

Moses Lane is one of the oldest streets in Southampton Village, but even though the houses on this street were built circa 1910 (with some older and newer exceptions), it is considered a very mediocre street. Go figure.

So can you imagine these houses linked? Above is a little sketch for you just in case you wanted a little help. I ‘m sure this isn’t exactly what the house used to look like, but it’s a possibility.
The entire eastern half of Moses Lane used to be owned by Daniel Hildreth Halsey (1860-1924). He was a farmer who lived in a lovely home that still exists today at 345 Hill Street (above) with his wife, Harriet (Hatty) [Jagger], two children, and mother-in law. That is one of my favorite properties in the village. It has been added onto and improved but the original architecture of the main house is clear as can be. The owners often hang a large American flag on the front of the house in the summertime which I love, and they have some beautiful peonies in the front yard too.
In 1909 Daniel Halsey subdivided the +/-13 acre eastern half of Moses Lane (between Hill and Armande streets) into 13 individual parcels and started selling them off. In 1919, George M. Stumpp bought the property where the two split houses now sit, having previously bought Daniel Halsey’s homestead on Hill Street sometime prior to 1916.

In 1976 George Stump III sold the Moses Lane property to Jody Donohue-Auerswald (b. 1925), Martha Olson, and Bernard (Bernie) & Vion Schram. In 1983 the property was subdivided into three parts for Jody, Martha, Bernard & Vion creating a new parcel behind the front two split houses which is still owned by Jody today.

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