Friday, March 25, 2011

New ARB Applications for March 28th

As usual I have looked into the new applications scheduled to be heard at the next ARB public hearing. There are lots of them, some very sensitive. Spring has definitely arrived and the bulldozers are revving up! Read about it on Patch here:


  1. As a Southampton Village resident, I applaud your concern about and attention to the preservation of historic homes. In addition to focusing on the active destruction of properties to make way for newer/larger ones, I urge you to call out those property owners who are letting their homes/yards fall into complete disrepair. I find these properties to be as upsetting as many of the tear-down projects. For instance, a once-beautiful home that sits on the NE corner of Hill St. and Corrigan St. here in Southampton Village is a complete eyesore. Moreover, the abandoned cars (several!) and rubbish in the yard violate local ordinances. Can you please help draw attention to this property and create some momentum to make this homeowner clean up this mess? I have heard rumors that the homeowner gets a "pass" from local authorities because he is related to someone in Village Hall.

  2. I totally agree. It's been on my list for awhile but I've not gotten around to it. Will do soon! Thanks for reading!