Thursday, April 28, 2011

39 Lewis Street: The Home of William Bishop

There are so many lovely homes on Lewis Street, a street with a lovely scale and character, more or less still intact. I think the symmetrical shed dormers must have been added at some point as they seem to interfere with the symmetrical hipped dormers on either side of the front facing gambrel. Oh well. I especially love the enclosed porch and that this gambrel-roofed house has so much more character and originality than all of the gambrel roofed monstrosities out there built as speculative homes.

This home was one of the first to be built on Lewis Street which opened sometime circa 1898. It was built for William Post Bishop (1874-1930). William was born in Westhampton to Mary J. Post and C. Watson Bishop. He was a Presbyterian and a book-keeper. Prior to relocating to Southampton Village in 1898, boarding initially somewhere on Main Street, he would often help manage E. H. Bishop’s store in Westhampton. In 1901 he married Harriet Mallory at her parent’s home in Deposit, New York and they had three children together: George M., Elizabeth, and Emily. Harriet had been a teacher at Southampton High School.

In 1910 William was considered for the position of village post master but lost to Edward P. White. He served as a juror for the county on more than one occasion. In 1906 he was a juror in the Hincksman murder trial. Otis Hincksman was ultimately convicted of killing his father on Thanksgiving Day by firing bicycle ball bearings out of a gun. Apparently there was a dispute over who owned the Hincksman home.

The property has remained in the Bishop family to this day. I just love when that is the case.

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