Monday, April 18, 2011

Lining Agawam Park with Cherry Trees

Did you hear the recent proposal by the Southampton Garden Club? They wanted to donate cherry trees and have them planted in Agawam Park. But the proposal wasn’t to plant them randomly, but rather to line the inside of the low-hedged oval-shaped clear grassy area. It sure is a well-intentioned and generous offer, but it hasn’t received much positive response. Ouch.

First reactions were that the proposed organization of the trees is too fancy/formal. And now it seems that the Village’s Commission on Veterans Patriotic Events is “adamantly opposed” but for unknown reasons.

While I agree that the originally proposed layout is a bad idea for a variety of reasons (blocked views, too formal, reduces the open green area, etc.) cherry trees in general are lovely. I planted one in my yard a little more than 8 years ago and it blooms on or around my daughter’s birthday every year. But ours is a weeping cherry. And I’ve never been bothered by all the blossom droppings. Good grief. Why must everything be so manicured?

The Mayor is positive that some sort of compromise will be reached. That’s nice, but it seems more to me like the whole idea is going to fade away.

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