Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Analogy

I have often been critical of the decisions of the Southampton Village ARB but I am incredibly appreciative that our Village has such a board and has historic districts providing a valuable layer of protection over its historic resources.

Other incorporated Villages in the Town of Southampton have the same: Sagaponack and Sag Harbor, and yet the Town of Southampton does not have any historic districts or a governing body with any teeth to protect its architecture worth preserving.

As the Town of Southampton continues discussions and studies regarding the creation of historic districts, in an effort to get other individuals that are still weary of preservation legislation to be more pro-preservation minded, here is another analogy offered by one of my preservation friends:

“Would the local library board destroy all its first editions or classics collections to make way for the latest cookbook or mystery novels? No. Space would be made on the shelf for the new arrivals, but the oldies wouldn't be shredded into pulp in order to do so.”

The theory is “that if the usual way of direct and sensible argument isn't working, say it all another way.”

For both village and town residents that read this blog, your participation in convincing the Southampton Town Board that historic districts are a good thing would be very useful, valuable, and appreciated. Southampton Town, the oldest settlement on Long Island, is at least 20 years overdue in implementing the same level of protection of its wonderful architectural treasures as the villages of Sagaponack, Southampton, and Sag Harbor. Write letters to the editor, write letters to the Town Board, or come to a public hearing and educate the masses with your opinions. A letter or email is not a substantial time committment.

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