Wednesday, July 13, 2011

65 Prospect Street: The Residence of Walter Franklin Havens

Sorry about the snowy pictures. With all the lovely and warm summer weather we have been enjoying, maybe the winter images will cool you off and make you relish every moment of the warm weather even more, before it passes by so quickly.

I took this property’s photos during the winter because I have always admired it and have been planning to write about it for some time. It’s also a street I happen to drive on often.

This lovely home and carriage house was built for Walter F. Havens III (1828-1911) in the late 1800s. He and his brother, Daniel Shepard Havens, inherited both sides of Prospect Street between North Sea Road and Main Street circa 1875 from their father, Walter F. Havens Jr. at which time I’m not even sure Prospect Street existed. In 1882 they subdivided the property into about 25 house lots. Daniel S. had an estate on the eastern end of the property, the remnants of which may now be the Seasons catering facility. In addition to being a landlord, he was also known as a merchant and had a “shop” along Main Street.

This house is one of the largest on the street consuming lots 14, 16, and 18 of the subdivision. It is a classic and simple late 1800s two-story farmhouse with a two-story front gabled porch also not uncommon but not prevalent either. It is the porch and its decoration which contribute so significantly to the house’s character.

The carriage house is curious as it is the first I’ve encountered in awhile that wasn’t a symmetrical design or a miniature version of the main house. But this property had other accessory structures associated with it historically which no longer seem to survive. The carriage house has since been converted – appropriately – into a garage and pool house, the pool being added about 2004.

The Havens family, whose ancestors came from Rhode Island, then Shelter Island, were considerable land owners. They owned a lot of property in the village’s estate section, including 40 acres which was sold to Frederic Betts, a builder of some of the first cottage colony homes, as well as in Flanders, Canoe Place, and Water Mill.

Property Owners:
Elizabeth Rad, 2003-present (paid $850k)
Carol Maryan Zoob, 2000-2003 (paid $460k)
Christopher & Cynthia Hamer (formerly Wolak), 1995-2000
Raymond D. & Linda L. Smith, 1985-1995
Henry, Peter, Teddy, Paul & Raymond Tureski, 1973-1985
Paul Tureski, x-1973
Catherine Tureski, 1955-x
Peter Tureski, 1945-1955
Ada H. Wells, from Walter F. Havens III Will (her father)
Walter F. Havens III, 1893-1911
Frederick H. & Annie H. Thompson
Walter F. (iii) & Daniel S. Havens
Walter F. Havens (Jr.)

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