Friday, July 29, 2011

A New Restaurant Coming to 200 North Sea Road?

Rumor has it, the lovely old brick building pictured above at 200 North Main Street, may become a new restaurant! The building is on the northeast corner of North Sea Road and Prospect Street and has really great old character. It was built before 1902 and used to be one of the Suffolk Light, Heat & Power Co. locations. If you look closely, you can see the lintels in the brickwork identifying where the original doors and window openings were.

I say it would be a great restaurant, but what do I know? I just love the idea of this building being adaptively reused and vital to the community again. It seems to have ample parking and be in a great location, even though North Sea Road can be awfully congested at times, but such is life in a popular Village. Yes, naysayers will proclaim that the village has enough restaurants, many of which can’t fill their seats during the winter. And again, I am not in the restaurant business, but isn’t there always room for another choice, and for healthy competition? It’s exciting news. Stay tuned.

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