Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Before & After Nos. 6, 7 & 8

Here are three before and after projects for you. I'm not going to scrutinize them ad nauseam but let you judge them for yourself instead. I will offer brief opinions though, of course. This is still my blog after all.
The first is 67 Layton Avenue. Above is the 'before' image, taken almost exactly one year ago; below is the 'after' image, taken last Sunday. I have great difficulty in accepting that this was a "renovation" but that's another issue. As for aesthetics, what do you think? Is this an improvement? It's a lovely home, that's for sure. But since only 10% of its original fabric remains, it's no longer technically a historic resource. If the village's historic district boundaries are ever expanded, this would be a 'non-contributing' property. Think of it this way: you know those places that have a lot of signs pointing out where important architectural treasures once were located, versus others that still have the actual buildings? This property would now only qualify for a sign.
The second is on Captains Neck Lane. Again, the 'before image is above, and the 'after' image is below. No one is crying over the loss of the previous house, but the scale of the new house seems drastically disproportionate with the property. Aesthetically its odd. It has a lot of different components that just don't join together well. I'm sure someone will love it though.
The third is on Little Plains. 'Before' is above; 'After' is below. The 'after' house is much prettier than the one on Captains Neck Lane (even though the barrel vault of the entry porch is a bit Post Modern, and I wish they had hung the shutters with historic hardware). But again, it literally consumes the property compared to most of the surviving older houses in the vicinity.

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