Monday, February 27, 2012

783 Hill Street: Two General Stores

The little one-and-a-half story folk-house pictured above (if you can see it) has sadly been abandoned and somewhat overtaken by Mother Nature.  It seems to be located within Southampton Village’s Hill Street historic district which is supposed to help ensure that it be properly cared for, but that code is not always enforced.

Believe it or not, before it was a house, it was a general store, built in the late 1800s. It was converted into a dwelling in 1896 by Joseph H. Elliston (1869-1931).

There are two other structures on this property: a second store, built in 1896 by Joseph H. Elliston, which is now a private home; and an old barn of unknown vintage, now a garage/apartment. These two structures are still in use and appear to be in much better shape.

The old store adds a lot of historic character to the immediate vicinity and has always made me curious about the property’s history. It was owned by the Elliston family until 1944, and acquired by the McLauchlens from 1947 to 2010. The McLauchlen Real Estate Company has an office next door, to the west, in a non-historic building.

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