Thursday, September 6, 2012

32 Armande Street Has Been Demolished

Since about 2009 I have been the Thanksgiving chef for my family and I have found that it takes at least three to four days to make a really great Thanksgiving dinner.......but only about 20 minutes to eat it!

8am this morning.
Not to make light of this situation (and coupled with the fact that life is not worth living if we are angry and frustrated too much of the time), but similarly the house at 32 Armande, which was built for Madame Armande Kleisler circa 1910, was the reason for creating and naming the street on which it was located, stood for more than 100 years in our community, took about 7 hours today to completely demolish.

RIP Madame Armande.

To read the history of the house, prior to its demise, check out my post about it last April, here:

4pm this afternoon.
The east facing front elevation of the home, now lost.

The house and summer kitchen, now lost.

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