Monday, November 26, 2012

80 Wooley Street – Maxing Out?

80 Wooley Street today (on the right). The driveway belongs to the neighbor to the left.
Several residents on Wooley Street are annoyed by the house being built at #80 which strangely seems to have been constructed too tall and ignorant of the Pyramid Law. Questions arise as to how a house so publicly visible could be built without complying with such common zoning regulations, but there it is, clear as day.

80 Wooley Street, before demolition/new construction began. Dec. 2010
Now, after the fact (kind of like 67 Layton), the owners will be seeking permission for these violations at a public hearing Thursday, November 29th at 7:30pm. (Update 11/28: the owners have requested an adjournment. The next ZBA meeting will be Dec. 18th I think.) The requests should be denied, but I’d be surprised if they are as that would require the owners to deconstruct part of the home and rebuild.
The original application to “improve” this property took place in December of 2010. Several neighbors participated in that review process with concerns about privacy and the over-development of the lot with more than one accessory structure in addition to the main house. Somehow though, what was approved, and what’s been built, don’t seem to match. 
The proposed drawing for 80 Wooley Street; Dec. 2010
I sympathize for the residents of Wooley Street. Not only are they watching the character of their street change via new construction that seems to “max-out,” or exceed, all the zoning regulations (setbacks, height, lot coverage), but they are suffering from privacy and even elbow-room issues.  The same thing has taken place on so many other streets: Armande, Halsey, Breese and Osborne to name only a few. It’s almost as if the overwhelming amount of precedents that have been set over turn the codes.

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