Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Slave Dwelling Project + Archaeology

I learned about a Facebook page called The Slave Dwelling Project while helping to save the Pyrrhus Concer house from demolition (I am currently reworking that post; stay tuned.). A representative of the National Trust told me about it. A man named Joseph McGill, who's on his way to bringing so much more awareness to communities all over our nation about their slave history, travels around the country sleeping for a night or two in homes previously owned or associated with enslaved people. It is rich with inspiring stories and education. I'm hooked. A recent post highlighted an article by the New York Times about a historic property right here on Long Island, in Lawrence, called Rock Hall. The property has always been popular, but recently, through archaeological investigation, a lot more has been learned about the original family's slave holdings, and how those slaves lived and worked on the property. I'm sure I'm not describing this to sound nearly as interesting as it is, so here are the two links: the first to Joseph McGill's Slave Dwelling Project (!/TheSlaveDwellingProject), and the second to the New York Times article about Rock Hall ( Wouldn't it be terrific if Mr. McGill visited the Pyrrhus Concer homestead one day? And I can't help but wonder how much we would learn at 51 Pond Lane from an archaeological investigation. Happy Reading.